Floor Systems

KiwiMark Constructions floor systems are designed to meet the floor loadings of the building code, with the floors constructed of structural steel posts and beams. Unispan and concrete topping to achieve a 7 KPA floor loading and then the posts and beams are then fire protected with either concrete or fire intumescent paint to comply with the relevant building code.


KiwiMark’s Composite Beam Floor Frame System:

KiwiMark’s floor system has the advantages of ease of construction and lightweight nature without compromising strength and durability. The products are flat packed to site and our storage builders assemble the structure installing our composite system, we then lay either plywood or particle board and one the building has become watertight we proceed to gib fix, stop and paint as required.


This system allows for no intrusive beams leaving the ceiling flat.

Unispan Construction

Unispan Installation